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Anti Money

With the same data integration and just a few predictive queries, improve your ability to detect all kinds of illicit financial activity and improve your anti-money laundering efforts.

Anti Money Laundering

Without any ML expertise required

  • Generate a complete 360 degree view of every user and activity, leverage surrounding context to augment your user data
  • Detect suspicious activity and flag anomalous behavior, rank threats and increase efficiency of alert investigation
  • Explain your predictions by pinpointing the exact contributing factors for that risk, down to the most granular event data available in your Kumo graph
  • Discover and interpret global patterns in your data by leveraging the full surrounding context of your Kumo Graph

Downstream workflows turbocharged

  • Constructing robust anti-money laundering detection, investigation and prevention pipelines (incl. key components like identity theft, anomalous behavior detection)
  • Avoid financial impact and reputational damage by quickly responding to high risk anomalies
  • Improve SAR conversion rate
  • …and more!

Representative workflow

Representative Workflow - Anti Money Laundering

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