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Entity Resolution
and Knowledge Graph Enrichment

With the same data integration and just a few predictive queries, improve your understanding of each one of your customers, vendors, products, and other business entities, thus enriching every business workflow you have that interacts with them.

Entity Resolution and Knowledge Graph Enrichment

Without any ML expertise required

  • Generate a complete 360 degree view of every entity in your business
  • Run common analyses such as:
    • Retrieving top K similar or otherwise likely connected entities
    • Deduplicating entities
    • Uncovering anomalous entities for further review
    • Clustering/segmentation
  • Fully leverage unstructured data (text, images, etc.) you have for each of these entities as part of your input

Downstream workflows turbocharged

  • Any workflow that leverages your enterprise knowledge graph, including:
    • Data governance
    • Search and recommendations
    • Chatbot and other Q&A systems
    • Sales & marketing
    • Fraud/abuse detection
    • Downstream ML pipelines
    • …and more!

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