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Join us for a 3-week free trial of Kumo AI’s predictive data science platform-as-a-service. We enable users across the enterprise, whether ML beginner or advanced ML practitioner, to build and deploy predictions in production with state of the art accuracy in days instead of months.

The technology behind ChatGPT, generalized to work on your data warehouse

With our platform, there is no need for training data generation, feature engineering, feature pipelines, or feature stores. Just register your data schema, and Kumo automatically leverages state-of-the-art Graph Neural Network techniques to learn directly from your raw data tables, delivering dramatically better accuracy than existing in-house ML baselines within days.

With this free trial, you can:

  • One click-connect to your raw data sources through our built-in connectors 
  • After registering your data schema, create best in class ML pipelines using our declarative predictive Querying language
  • Evaluate the quality of your predictions, and if sufficient, export them back to your original data source
  • Do the above using either our graphical or programmatic interfaces

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