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Embeddings for
Data Scientists

Use your Kumo Graph and Predictive Queries to generate high-quality bespoke vector embeddings for every entity in your business, including customers, suppliers, content, transactions, etc. In other words, vectorize your enterprise!

Embeddings for Data Scientists

Without any ML expertise required

  • Use predictive queries to create state of the art GNN-powered vector embeddings that are purpose-built for the downstream ML problem you want to solve
  • Generate embeddings using multiple predictive queries jointly (multi-task learning) to improve their latent signal
  • Replace your dozens of complicated, brittle, and hard to manage feature engineering pipelines with a single pipeline that just updates your Kumo Graph and then retrieves the latest embeddings
  • Powered under the hood by the leading framework for graph deep learning, Pytorch Geometric

Downstream workflows turbocharged

  • Detecting anomalous activity
  • Ad-targeting, personalization, and information retrieval
  • Finding similar/duplicate user-generated content
  • Clustering and segmentation of customers, merchants, etc.
  • Impute missing data and otherwise improve enterprise data quality

Representative workflow

Representative Workflow - Embeddings for Data Scientists

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