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Fraud and
Abuse Detection

With the same data integration and just a few predictive queries, improve your ability to detect and prevent all kinds of fraud and abuse by your users that could otherwise cause massive damage to your business.

Fraud andAbuse Detection

Without any ML expertise required

  • Generate a complete 360 degree view of every user and activity
  • Track and flag changes in user behavior based on historical data
  • Reduce false positives by leveraging the full surrounding context of your Kumo Graph, rank flagged anomalies to prioritize review
  • For every risk detected, turbocharge investigations by pinpointing the exact contributing factors for that risk, down to the most granular event data available in your Kumo graph

Downstream workflows turbocharged

  • Fraudulent and anomalous transaction detection and prevention workflows
  • Detecting, investigating and preventing account takeover and fraud
  • Reducing bot generated or policy-violating content, spamming and misinformation
  • Flagging toxic behavior and misuse with little friction for legitimate users
  • …and more!

Representative workflow

Representative Workflow - Fraud and Abuse Detection

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