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Beeter AI Faster

Combine graph learning with GenAI to build better ML models faster

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World's Top 50 AI by Forbes

Kumo is now a Snowflake Native App

The technology behind ChatGPT, customized to work in your data warehouse

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Dozens of predictive models

created in a single day


0of Terabytes

scale graphs used as input


> 0 accuracy lift

versus in-house ML baselines


>$0 top-line impact

with multiple customers

Built by AI leaders from AirBnB, Google, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Deployed and trusted by the world’s leading organizations.

Kumo and PyG Users

Launch AI predictions

for your mission critical use cases


Customer Retention & Next Best Action

Customer Acquisition

Forecasting and Anomaly Detection

Entity Resolution and Knowledge Graph Enrichment

Fraud and Abuse Detection

Anti Money Laundering

Embeddings for Data Scientists

Get unprecedented value at a fraction of the cost

Better model performance

Leverage state of the art Graph Neural Networks to learn directly from your raw relational data without manual feature engineering, delivering dramatically higher accuracy


Simplify your infrastructure and optimize your costs by removing the need for feature pipelines, feature stores, etc.


Deliver ROI faster and across more use cases through our end to end platform covering all major steps in the ML lifecycle including data prep, model training, XAI, deployment, and ML Ops


With REST APIs backed by high availability SLAs, SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliance, options for both SaaS and Private Cloud operating models.

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