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Customer Acquisition

With the same data integration and just a few predictive queries, turbocharge your efforts to acquire new customers while dramatically cutting acquisition costs.

Customer Acquisition

Without any ML expertise required

  • Accurately predict on cold start leads with minimal history and flexibly across time horizons (from days to quarters)
  • Explain which specific sales/marketing activities drove a conversion or a predicted future spending level
  • Uncover population-wide drivers for why future revenue/buyer purchasing patterns will differ from the past, leverage them to change future outcomes
  • Easily add 3rd party holidays, events, macroeconomic/demographic data to enrich your predictive accuracy
  • Identify the top drivers aiding or hindering your ability to acquire new customers, both at the global and individual account level

Downstream workflows turbocharged

  • Crafting ad campaigns/setting ad budgets intelligently
  • Optimal targeting of organic outreach (emails, sales calls, etc.)
  • Multi-touch attribution measurement
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • …and more!

Representative workflow

Define the ML Problem

Kumo makes it easy to define the ML task using a simple, declarative language, and then uses AutoML to execute a highly optimized and fully tuned model. Build the query and predict the future!

Structure your problem using a simple query to understand the lifetime value of users in terms of future purchases:

Predict 30-day lifetime value across each user:

PREDICT SUM(Sales.Price, 0, 30)

Predict 30-day lifetime value across only the 3-month active users:

PREDICT SUM(Sales.Price, 0, 30)
        COUNT(Sessions, -90, 0) > 0

Predict 30-day LTV across 3-month active users, assuming they get a coupon this week:

PREDICT SUM(Sales.Price, 0, 30)
        COUNT(Sessions, -90, 0) > 0
ASSUMING COUNT(Coupons, 0, 7) > 0

Query the future

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