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and Anomaly Detection

With the same data integration and just a few predictive queries, improve your ability to forecast, plan, and monitor every aspect of your enterprise.

Forecasting and Anomaly Detection

Without any ML expertise required

  • Leverage the structure of your Kumo graph to:
    • Effectively incorporate complementary, substitutionary, and other correlation effects between time series in your forecasts
    • Support forecasting on cold start time series with no historical data
  • Fluidly transition from forecasting at a company/region level down to the most granular level in your data (e.g. across millions of item per region per day combinations)
  • Explore how changes to your planning assumptions (in prices, product assortment, external events, etc.) can change your forecasts
  • Easily add 3rd party weather, holidays, events, macroeconomic/demographic data to enrich your predictive accuracy

Downstream workflows turbocharged

  • Demand, merchandise, and assortment planning
  • Pricing, promotion, and staffing management
  • Supply chain optimization and analytics, reverse supply chain management
  • Matching of two-sided marketplaces
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Business operations monitoring
  • …and more!

Representative workflow

Representative Workflow - Forecasting and Anomaly Detection

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