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Predictive LLMs for Private Enterprise Data

LLMs today cannot predict on your enterprise data

Traditional LLMs are great tools for answering open-ended questions using public data, but they lack the ability to make accurate forward-looking predictions on your private enterprise data.

LLMs cannot be used to make predictions on your users to improve growth and retention, or to make recommendations on products or next best actions.

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Kumo makes it possible for LLMs to perform predictive ML

We take the expressive capabilities of LLMs and combine them with a powerful ML platform to give you predictions at your fingertips.

Kumo is a predictive LLM for your relational data - connect your raw data and use a single interface for making any predictions about the future.


Kumo learns the relationships and interactions across your entire enterprise data and allows you to query the future with predictions rooted in your relational tables


Kumo uses state-of-the-art graph learning that transforms your raw tables and tunes models directly for your task


No hallucinations or stochastic parroting - Kumo validates predictions with ground truth rooted in your enterprise


Your data and corresponding learned insights are owned entirely by you, with enterprise-grade security and privacy

Ease of use

No ML background required - talk to your data directly to make predictions!

Talk to your data, answer questions about the future

With Kumo connected to your enterprise graph, you have the ability to ask questions from your data, and Kumo will retrieve the answers.

Query the future

Unleash the predictive power of your enterprise data

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