Capabilities - Kumo


time to value

Deliver predictions into productions in days not months

Comprehensive integrations

to wherever you store your data

Snowflake AWS S3 Databricks AWS Redshift Google Cloud BigQuery Google Cloud Storage

No feature engineering required graph

No feature engineering required

just define your Kumo Graph, which tells us how your raw source tables link to each other

Predictive Querying

In just a single sitting, on the same Kumo Graph, query your future along every angle using our SQL-like language

Predictive Querying

Explain every prediction

Explain every prediction

down to the finest grain in your data

Production deployment

Easily deploy your model by REST API so you can continuously update your predictions over time, track model quality, data drift, etc.

Production deployment graph

Technology - Graph Neural Networks
(GNNs) out of the box’

Deep learning led to AI breakthroughs in image and language processing -- but, to date, deep learning methods have been largely limited in applicability to images (matrices) and text (sequences).

GNNs generalize deep learning to graph data. GNNs are the only deep learning architecture that is not fixed but adapts to the shape and structure of the underlying data.

Your enterprise data naturally forms a graph, representing a rich, interconnected web of business relationships, interactions, customers, transactions, and more.

Kumo brings GNNs to enterprise data in a way that is both scalable and easy to use. We represent it automatically and optimally in graph form, leveraging its inherent connectedness to deliver better accuracy even with less training data.

Query the future

Unleash the predictive power of your enterprise data

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