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Culture aims to create an inclusive culture that works harmoniously as they revolutionize business decision-making. Here at Kumo, we hope to foster two different identities that fit hand in hand: innovative thinking and elegance. We are dedicated to cultivating breaking-edge products that are also easy to use. In order to do so, we culminate diversity of thought and open communication under one roof.

Additionally, we are shaping a community at Kumo. We want our community to love working with one another. Therefore, we share progress, problem-solve together, and work together towards common goals. At Kumo, we foster this innovative yet collaborative community so we can help build the best product that will help create the best businesses.


Kumo Company overview

Company Overview

We are a venture-backed, SaaS AI start-up with a roster of brilliant investors and advisors. Founded by several pre-eminent AI executives from companies like Pinterest, Airbnb, and LinkedIn, we have a multi-year head start in developing Kumo’s technology through the Stanford/Dortmund University research labs and the PyG team. We are hiring and growing quickly.


Query the Future : Make AI for enterprises as simple as analytics.


Unleash the full potential of enterprise data by bringing the most powerful graph learning approaches, proven in the research world, to all enterprise data—through simple and elegant tooling that does not require ML/AI expertise to deploy. Today, in SQL, you already query the past; with Kumo, you can query the future.

Kumo Values


We have seen firsthand the incredible effort to implement a single, production-quality predictive model. With Kumo, the team aims to solve this problem and make graph learning easy to use, so any business (and person and user) can leverage the power of graph-based AI in minutes.

Optimistic About Innovation

We are optimistic by nature, and in particular about the massive potential of AI and graph learning. The possibility and promise of GNNs, rendered easy and usable for any enterprise to use, motivates our work.

Better Together

We believe enterprise data is inherently highly connected—and that insight about connectedness powers our AI tech. We also believe that the best teams are highly connected. We are all nodes in the network; we are better together


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